Our main activities

Quality audits & computer security. Activities related to education, Erasmus + and international projects. Customization and implementation of digital platforms

Future European projects

Currently working in this area with Eurostars and Eureka initiatives. Artificial Intelligence is one of our areas of greatest interest for the future.

Other activities in Spain

Quality audits & computer security. Imparting of private training activities related to computer security, business economics, networks, and IT certifications.

Of interest for future European partners

📢 We are selecting partners within the journalism universities for a new project regarding 2020 year KA3 Erasmus+ called, 📌 "Journalism for future journalists based on real news and a European ethic"

Training campus

Elearning platform

Latest News

ByJournalist Articles Oct 24, 2019

Guía y herramientas para el diseño responsable y la implementación de sistemas de IA | Guide and tools for responsible design and implementation of AI systems

Usually we find abundant theoretical material about the description, modeling, development and implementation of certain models or objectives....

ByJournalist Articles Oct 1, 2019

Finalizando el proyecto IBSPE

Noruega, 6 de noviembre de 2017.  Inicio del proyecto. Jo Sakariassen, leader del proyecto, durante la reunión inicial. En el ...