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Open call for Poster for the online pilot ebook Los estados de la inteligencia artificial (IA) / The states of artificial intelligence (AI) 2019

A value with European and international academic recognition for the selected poster

In addition to being published a poster in its associated chapter of the ebook (pilot, 2019):

  1. (The poster) It will be uploaded to the media library on the ‘Futurium‘ platform in the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence to make it accessible and payable to all its members.  To this group also has access ‘The High Level Group of Experts on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLG)‘.
  2. The following international academic recognition entities will be sent for publication and permanent identification, distribution and dissemination in conjunction with the ebook (pilot, 2019): Researchgate, engrXiv, Zenodo, Academia.edu and Figshare.

Format of this communication

Digital. Poster presentation through the OSF platform (OSFMEETINGS).

Main object of the poster call

On the occasion of the closure in PDF format (at the end of December) of the first ebook (pilot, 2019) Los estados de la Inteligencia Artificial |The states of Artificial Intelligence opened the call for posters.

* [As long as they comply with the bases and quality for a scientific or informative interest for citizens, they will be attached to any of the chapters defined in the ebook (pilot, 2019) in their online format and in PDF].

Bases of the 2019 call

1.- Conceptually summarize in a poster an investigation, or academic study, or a publication as an expert or with notable delivery of knowledge, on Artificial Intelligence (AI); and that this is related to any of the chapters (or subchapters) that make up the ebook (pilot, 2019). The chapters can be found in the following url: https://ebook.formaempleo.info/books/los-estados-de-la-inteligencia-artificial-%28ia%29-the-states-of-artificial-intelligence-%28ai % 29 / page /% C3% ADndice-% 7C-index

In general, the chapters deal with the following topic of interest:

  • Chapter 3.- Análisis del estado actual de la IA | Analysis of current state of artificial intelligence.
  • Chapter 4.- Comportamiento y moral de la IA | Behavior and morality of the AI.
  • Chapter 5.- Componentes electrónicos inteligentes | Smart electronic components.
  • Chapter 6.- Biointeligencia artificial | Artificial biointelligence.
  • Chapter 7.- rogramación y frameworks en IA | Programming and frameworks in AI.
  • Chapter 8.- Realidad Artificial | Artificial Reality.
  • Chapter 9.- Uso humano de la IA | Human use of AI.

Recommendation of the content creation sequence for the poster

1. Introduction. 2.-Material and method. 3.-Results. 4.- Discussion. 5. Conclusions.

Post discussion

Through moderated digital forum.

Profile of the target audience

Researcher, academic, subject matter expert and general citizenship.

* It is convenient that in order to delimit the audience of readers in an appropriate manner, the poster (and at the bottom) contains a legend about the audience profile desired by the author / s. (The size must be sufficient to read this legend on a 17 “monitor at 100% zoom easily).

** Recommendation: the poster has (as an ideological instrument and marketing instrument) 5 seconds to capture the attention of the audience, 50 seconds to generate interest in the audience and 5 minutes to encourage audience action. It is about it being interesting for the readers and for the interest and ultimate goal of the creators.

Metrics for each poster

It is advisable that the authors of the poster establish metrics to try to define and obtain their own objectives. For this purpose, the posters that are selected for publication will be subject to metrics for subsequent monitoring and proper use by their authors.

Poster Citation

The citation system and the data to be used must be included in a legend at the bottom of the poster.

Display environment

Engineering in general, European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence, researchers associated with platforms such as Zenodo, Researchgate, figshare, etc. and citizens in general.

Poster language

Spanish or English.

* (If possible, and whenever the contents and spatial planning permit, it will be desirable that both languages ​​together coexist to enhance the use of Spanish in scientific publications and uniquely in the area of ​​artificial intelligence. these bilinguals, in case of doubts, will have preference over another poster in a single language).

Size, typography and support

  • Poster size: ≤ (1,000 mm x 700 mm).
  • Typography: the list of layout elements must maintain a pleasant and visually ordered proportion. (As a recommendation, the vertical predominance and the golden ratio of images or graphics will help to generate a higher aesthetic value).
  • Support / format: electronic poster (e-poster).
  • Software for editing: the option for editing that we recommend, if there is a strong mathematical representation, is the use of beamer. But you are free to say which is the most appropriate option within the standards that are usual in this type of activities.

Licensing for use and distribution

By sending the poster, you allow a license to be awarded: Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Maximum date for shipment

From December 20 to 23, 2019, depending on the number of shipments.

Shipping Method

See the information on the call on the OSF website, please: FORMAEMPLEO – Completion of the pilot online book ‘The states of artificial intelligence (AI) / The states of artificial intelligence (AI)’

In summary: to send us a poster you must send an email from an OSF account (if you don’t have one, you can create it) to:


The format and content of the text in the email must be as follows:

Presentation title
Message body
Summary of the presentation (if any)
Your presentation file (for example, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.).

Once submitted, for your follow-up, you will receive a DOI (permanent identifier) ​​that others can use to quote your work. (This allocation policy is the exclusive power of OSF).

The poster will be sent by the main author on his own behalf, or on behalf of a work group or entity.


  • Legend that must appear at the bottom of all posters sent:

Completion of the pilot online book ‘The states of artificial intelligence (AI) / The states of artificial intelligence (AI)’
ISSN 2695-3803

  • What should I understand as an ebook (pilot, 2019)?

The closing, regarding the date and contents, of all the digital elements of the online book. Subsequently it will be mock-up in the most orthodox way that the PDF manager allows. Ensuring that all associated metadata accompany the requirements that metrics tools usually seek to measure the impact associated with this type of publication. (In summary: a pdf as a snapshot or stamp of time and content with the associated metadata).

  • What is the main objective of this poster call?

Establish and approach criteria for reflection and discussion in order to guide and inform as many citizens and possible estates about the use and good purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will be a before and after in our current society. (It is a good opportunity for our opinion to be taken into account in the academic and technical forums at European and international level. In addition to the authors it will be an added curricular value that can mean an important contribution to the current community in charge of leading carry out initiatives on artificial intelligence).

  • Can I send a poster that has already been presented at a congress or presentation previously on artificial intelligence or another?

Yes. Just take care that the rules of the event you sent it to (or submitted) allow you to send us the poster in the required licensing format (Creative Commons CC BY 4). In any case, the Intellectual Property Law and Copyright must be respected, if any. This verification action is the sole responsibility of you (or the group you represent).

  • Can I also reflect on the poster the event for which it was initially created, if this happened?

Yes. But it must also include an attached legend or quotation (visible and sufficient size) such as the following:

Completion of the pilot online book ‘The states of artificial intelligence (AI) / The states of artificial intelligence (AI)’
ISSN 2695-3803

  • Can I send more than one poster?

Yes. You can send a poster for each chapter of the book.

  • Can I resend my poster where I deem appropriate later?

Yes. You, or your institution or group, are the rightful owners of the poster, but you cannot restrict the licensing required to participate here, (Creative Commons CC BY 4).

  • Can I request to cancel or delete my poster later?

If your poster is chosen and published, no. This will be permanently associated with the pilot book 2019, object of this poster creation call.

  • What happens if my poster is not published in the book?

It will not be used for any other purpose. (You will have the freedom to lose your permanent identifier if it has been associated. Or let us know that it is in your interest to reconsider your publication even if it were for other purposes).

  • How many posters can be published for each chapter of the book?

One per chapter.

  • What is the communication strategy of this poster call?

Send it to the largest possible number of receivers. And even high schools, universities, university institutes and research centers. Also to organisms that are representative of artificial intelligence or in some way can influence its guidelines.

FORMMAEMPLEO editing council. Web page. Contact.

November 24, 2019, Murcia (Spain).

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Ciencia abierta y publicaciones en Inteligencia Artificial

Anunciamos que hemos abierto la posibilidad a investigadores, expertos, periodistas, colaboradores y empresas de Inteligencia Artificial para publicar en 2 emplazamientos sobre temática de IA.

Esos emplazamientos pueden recibir publicaciones, inicialmente con preferencia a la ciencia española, a nivel internacional. Por eso adelantamos la guía de publicación primero en español (en borrador). Después en inglés. ¡Nuestro país necesita más empuje en la ciencia!

Puede interesar a perfiles como ingenieros, informáticos, médicos, especialistas en ciencia de datos, programadores, abogados, expertos en seguridad, expertos en robótica, etc.

Y para generar un mayor atractivo en la guía que adjuntamos os proponemos, además de publicar, una serie de incentivos. (Es necesario entrar a los formularios y autenticarse con Google).

La historia:

En el mes de julio comentamos elementos para la creación de un libro (ebook) online. Y esa promesa de culminar la obra, ya está a punto de de hacerse realidad.

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